Our business and skills/ Definition of our business

Definition of our business

Our business

EFF'INNOV Technoloigies is an embedded systems design house.

We help our customers in their R&D projects through a comprehensive set of solutions and services.

To improve their performances, products embed increasingly complex electronics functions. However, in a highly competitive landscape, the pace of new products introduction to the market also increase in order to create value and to maintain the competitiveness.

The main challenge companies are facing is to maintain the innovation pace required by the competitive landscape while being focused on the core business where competitiveness is maximal.

EFF'INNOV Technogies relies on processes to improve project efficiency :

  • Monitor the market to identify technology trends
  • Implement a competencies and building blocks roadmap anticipating customer needs
  • Provide one-stop shop tailored services
  • Putting customers at the heart of our action

Our mission

Step by step

Our mission is to help companies improve their competitiveness by facilitating access to the latest embedded technologies.

Eff'Innov TECHNOLOGIES supports you throughout your product life cycle: from development to industrialization.

Taking the industrial constraints into account from the early design phase gives a true advantage in term of cost, lead time and security.

EFF'INNOV TECHNOLOGIES relies on a set of hardware and software building blocks to speed up the time to market while reducing the risks.

EFF'INNOV Technologies provides services in many application areas such as :